There are solutions and then there are elevator solutions – in the Techcloudpro parlance these are solutions which offer completion & seamlessness. Over the years, some through individual experiences of our management team and some through our clients, current and past, we have learnt that sometimes the most holistic of systems also tend to leave tiny gaps for innovation. Systems or environments in themselves may be excellent & may deliver wholly on what they were made for. However, disparate system environments seldom merge harmoniously. For example: your CRM and your ERP. You will always require a matchmaker – whether it’s Matchmaking Mary or a Digital Cupid unleashing the arrow that hits the sweet spots!

The second learning was that the matchmaking isn’t accurate if you are not able to get a single view of what made it all click and whether or not it is indeed the right match. Many a false decision has led to a high value divorce! Data Visibility & Singularity is key!

The third learning which is by no means a surprise is that Dx journeys often take unexpected turns because as we go deeper into implementation, unplanned or unexpected requirements come to the surface. This is usually because organizations which have been around for a decade or more will have heavy dependencies on legacy systems. While some like a Tally for example, are easy to replace, there are others based on old languages which are difficult to decipher, leave alone simplify. There is a lack of documentation and the people who actually put those systems into place have long since left the workforce. Detailed discovery of business requirements therefore need to be the starting point.

To adequately plug in the gaps that currently exist, Techcloudpro has designed products & implementation tools which help your business Simply Deliver! The intention is to make sure that your systems seem like a match made in heaven!


For most retailers, big or small, some of their most critical processes which directly impact market demands, are still largely manual. This has a direct impact on order fulfilment, returns & refund management. This is largely due to the having multiple or disparate systems which are not fully integrated with each other and are semi- automated at best. To mitigate the impact, retailers often use a multitude of applications or business connectors to bring in automation.

Market Challenges


  • Business Connectors currently available offer partial automation
  • Return Merchandise Authorization & Refunds still require manual intervention
  • The Order Management System & Reverse Logistics processes are still not synchronized enough for effective tracking
  • An EDI interface, a commonly used solution in Retail for data exchange means that there are multiple data formats to juggle which means there is no real time data syncing or on demand data visibility
  • In most cases, the systems, the middleware and integrated APIs are not equally scalable which leaves a lot of room for dropping the ball especially during peak seasons. Systems have to be completely scalable in a short period of time to meet the surge in volumes
  • Most companies where the core offering is business connectors, offer connector bundles which you may or may not need & they are standard off-the-shelf with limited capacity for customization
  • Having connectors which serve a variety of industry segments also means that upgrades are time consuming & slow

Why SuiteSpotsTM?

It is important for a well-designed connector to facilitate:


Bi-directional exchange


Data Fluidity


Syn issues resolution


Identification & mitigation of duplication errors


Statistical Accuracy


Easy Reporting


Load balancing



At Techcloudpro, we believe in beginning the journey with a discovery session. This is to ensure that your business challenges are thoroughly analysed and taken into account before we suggest a solution. For this we have created a comprehensive BRD tool which captures maybe over 90% of the considerations you might have while embarking on the dx journey.



Data Visualization is often ignored in the grand scheme of things but it is perhaps one of the most important criteria for getting and communicating insights from data. It eases the complexity of understanding huge stacks of data and from multiple sources. Yes, we know that you know what we’re talking about! Our dashboards are built into our business connectors to provide you with data singularity that you need and with ease.

We know that all of this might sound good to you only on paper but for you to be absolutely convinced you need to try it out.
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