Preparing for battle

When you go into battle, you must be sure you have enlisted the best men you have on hand, the best soldiers to carry forward your plunge or to hold your defense. If your soldiers are not good enough, the towers you mount will collapse in no time. The corporate battlefield is no different. When you are in the market for an ERP, you have got to make sure you go with the right one. Even if you do pick Netsuite, which is the world’s #1 cloud ERP, to actually scale those heights, you would need to pick the right implementation provider.

Alignment of Business Goals

You need to pick the soldiers who give it their best on the battlefield—the administrator, the developers, and managers who have experience and more importantly expertise to implement Netsuite in a way you want. To begin with, every recruit must know the “targets” they must aim for—in other words, the goals of your company and your Netsuite Implementation Expert’s must align. For example, it is possible that you classify “providing a better customer service” as being more important than let us say, if you are a transport company, “reducing carbon emissions”. If so, this must be communicated to the Netsuite Implementation Expert, and they must clearly understand the same.

Understanding Country-specific regulations

Second, they must have knowledge of the “terrain”—in other words, if your company is spread over several locations, they must be aware of country-specific regulations. A simple example would be to know about tax regulations and other laws to adhere to in a specific country. Knowledge is power, and by understanding these simple regulations, the entire flow of goods from your procurement to the customer end will be smooth and worry-free.

Making the Right Approach

Third, they must know how to “approacheffectively”—in other words, they must have a structured approach. In today’s day and age, most companies have adopted an agile methodology over the traditional waterfall model. The agile methodology guarantees better results. It is necessary to understand whether the agile methodology is accepted and followed in the organization that provides the Netsuite implementation.

Effective Delegation of Duties

Fourth, they must have a “chain of command”—in other words, they must have duties delegated to every member of the team effectively, and everyone must be available, when you have your doubts or queries, to respond. Once a member of the team responds and provides a solution, they must also clarify if the communication was effective, and if the solution has been understood. If a problem needs further work, the answers must be provided by the same source that you were promised support from.

Have a clear strategy

And last but not least, they must have a clear “strategy”—a means of solving the problem that might involve thinking out of the box or could just involve following a clearly chalked out plan, prepared and customized to your needs. In other words, it must be a method that will help bring the project to fruition. We at Techcloudpro are the best soldiers you can enslist, and we promise to provide you the solutions you need as and when you need them. Count on us, like we are counting on you to grow your business with us.